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Hi !

Hi and welcome to Boomerang !

Boomerang has been linked to the publicity network of free postcards since years, but we are currently so much more !
Boomerang is a field marketing agency offering global and tailormade solutions for brand activation campaigns.
We consist of a group of experienced team members, passionate by their job.
We are always ready to win the heart of your target group, with a guaranteed return !

What we do

Experiential marketing



Is there a stronger way to convince people than letting them live the experience ?

Experiential marketing refers to all types of field activation that are set-up to create a link between a brand and its public by means of an experience.

This can be a degustation, a set-up in a point of sales, a promotour, the creation of an event, etc. 

Channel marketing



Channel refers to the tailormade creation of a communication channel,

a temporary or targeted network to connect a brand to its public in the appropriate

environment like handing out a deodorant for women in a lingerie store or a fitness club. 

Logistics & operating



Our logistic department is the indispensible operational pillar to increase the field visibility of a brand when organising midterm and longterm actions.

It does not only refer to the set-up of the action, but also to the maintenance and the transport.

Generally this is the submerged part of the iceberg… 

How we do

What have we been up to ?

Chimay logo


Develop the right tool to ensure added value assistance, visibility, mobility & perfect serve on events.

How did we bring more:

Full conception of the Chimay Beer Truck
Reco & nego on high potential events
Crew management of a dedicated crew (10)
Storage, maintenance, on site management


42 events in 2016
Over 50k contacts
395 beer barrels
250 kg of cheese

SEB logo


Introduce the new Calor Tweeny 2 in 1 new products amongst sales staff at Krëfel and Vanden Borre.

How did we bring more:

Crew selection and training in order to have the perfect ambassador for Calor
Complete management with the POS : efficient planning proposal & appointment scheduling
Various tasks on POS : production intro & demo, key sales messages, visibility set-up.


133 POS visits in less than 1 month
Approx. 500 Krëfel and Vanden Borre people informed and trained in order to make successful sales

Disney logo


Inform the 6 - 12 and their parents about the release of the new Disney Channel original TV show: Just Like Me

How did we bring more:

Short-term creation & production of a booklet with specific content on the TV program
Build up a channel marketing campaign within a selection of venues that match the following needs: meet the target group during leisure a creative activities


19.095 Just Like Me A5 booklets
53 touch points
5 days

Diesel BAD
Diesel BAD logo


Find the right way to meet the specific target group of the Diesel BAD fragrance: those who actually don’t visit cosmetics shops (the bad guys)

How did we bring more:

Based upon the bad guy profile and media campaign of Diesel BAD, Boomerang developed a brand activation campaign within sports centers and bars in specific cities and areas (Belgium & Holland)
Specific crew casting for nightlife street sampling (good looking biker & hostesses
Continuous & very close follow-up with L’Oréal in order to answer other requests for specific events


Decks & bars : 30.000 samples / 19 nights / 12 cities
Sports : 20.000 samples / 50 touch points

Pineau logo


Rejuvenate Pineau des Charentes through a brand activation program implemented in trendy bars
Replicate the same concept « So Classic / So In », « Mother / Son » of the above-the-line media campaign

How did we bring more:

Boomerang did the right selection of bars within the right cities to establish the brand activation campaign
Nego & planning through Boomerang sales coordinators
Casting & booking of the « mother & son » alike crew
Specific training with bar tenders in order to serve the perfect Teaneau cocktail


9 evenings, 7 cities, 24 bars
1.052 Teaneau served with love




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